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International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia

“We, the NUPGE elected representatives, members, and staff across Canada stand in proud solidarity with all those fighting the oppression of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.”  —  Larry Brown. NUPGE President

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Unions in PEI collaborate to send strong message to government

“Why has government chosen to invest our tax dollars in a private company to provide health care services that could be offered using existing public sector employees? There are many of our members providing home care services whose skills and abilities are not being fully utilized.” — Karen Jackson, PEIUPSE President

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International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: Speak Up Together Against Violence and Harassment

Canada’s unions are calling on the federal government to make it easier for workers to report harassment and violence by implementing anti-reprisal measures, including whistleblower protection. This will make it safer for LGBTQ2SI workers to report harassment and violence in the workplace, without fear of reprisal, discrimination or stigma.

“Violence and harassment should never be part of the job. It’s time for our government to commit to ensuring that any worker who experiences homophobic and transphobic harassment and violence has the support they need,” said CLC President Hassan Yussuff.

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB), marking the anniversary of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) decision to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders and illnesses.

Canada’s unions have long championed LGBTQ2SI rights and safe and healthy workplaces, free from discrimination, violence and harassment. However, homophobia, transphobia and biphobia continue to affect LGBTQ2SI workers on the job and in communities. According to Statistics Canada, 13% of police-reported hate crimes in 2016 were motivated by hatred based on sexual orientation.

“LGBTQ2SI workers face more barriers when it comes to reporting these crimes and accessing support services to deal with the impact of violence and harassment,” said Yussuff.

Later his month, the International Labour Organization (ILO) will begin negotiations for a new labour standard on violence and harassment in the workplace. Trade unions from around the world will be pushing for an inclusive standard to protect all workers and address the full spectrum of workplace violence and harassment.

The CLC is calling on Canada’s government to champion a standard that will protect workers who experience harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. 

“With leadership, education and action from our federal government, we can end harassment and violence and make workplaces safe for all workers, regardless of their sexuality or their gender identity and expression,” said Yussuff.

Add your voice and speak up against violence and harassment.

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Manitoba government releases mental health and addictions strategy

MGEU/NUPGE is determined to work with its members and with government to build the responsive, coordinated mental health and addictions treatment system that members on the frontlines have been calling for, and that Manitobans deserve.

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Petition: Stop the Closure of the Fred Victor’s Open House Drop-In Program

To: Wangari Muriuki, Board Chair, and Mark Aston, CEO, of Fred Victor, Toronto. Aston is also the frequent spokesperson for the Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness. Starting Tuesday, May 22, the Fred Victor Open House drop-in program at 145 Queen Street East is scheduled to close “until further notice.” The announcement was made on Monday, May 14, just a week prior to the sudden shut down of a decades-old drop in program. This service cut is happening in the midst of a deadly shelter and opioid crisis in the city that claimed at least 100 lives last year.  The drop-in provides a vital service in the neighbourhood and the community cannot afford to lose it. We, the undersigned demand that the Fred Victor Centre stop the drop-in closure and find resources to reinstate the 4-hour drop-in, with food and adequate staffing to support the service. Loading…

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Owen Sound health workers willing to strike to improve service to patients, families

Under the employer’s offer, a registered practical nurse (RPN) at the Family Health Organization would make much less than RPNs at other Owen Sound workplaces, and wouldn’t be eligible for any wage increases based on experience.

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CLC President Hassan Yussuff on killing of unarmed Palestinians

On behalf of the 3.3 million members of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), I want to condemn in the strongest possible terms the killings of dozens of unarmed Palestinians at mass demonstrations near the Gaza Strip’s eastern border yesterday. More than two thousand were also injured and we can no longer stand idly by.

Today also marks the 70th commemoration of the Nakba, or Catastrophe Day, where more than 700,000 Arabs fled, or were expelled, from their homes during the 1947 49 war. For Palestinians, this is a day of mourning and resistance, calling for the respect of international law and the right of return for refugees to Palestine. 

The CLC supports a vision of two nations co-existing in peace and security, within safe borders, free from occupation. We believe that direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine are the only viable avenue to the resolution of the conflict. Once again, the CLC calls on the Canadian government to recognize the State of Palestine.

In light of recent events, including the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the controversial and provocative relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, constructive dialogue is now all the more difficult to achieve. On this day, we mourn those who have lost their lives and stand in solidarity with Palestinian workers calling for human rights and social justice and the respect for international law.

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New MGEU ad tells government to stop playing games with privatization

“When they sell-off a public service, private shareholders skim some of the money off the top to make a profit. his money should be going towards things like health care and education.” — Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President

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OPSEU leaders vow to push province to overturn costly Grey Gables sell-off

“It’s like they took $1.2 million that belongs to Grey County residents and set it on fire.” — Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida, OPSEU First Vice-President and Treasurer 

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NBU members reach tentative agreement with Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

“I want to thank the members of the bargaining team for their hard work and dedication throughout the process.” —Susie Proulx-Daigle, NBU President

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